Em🅾️jigram 🤪

Cryptograms are boring. 🥱 Let's do emojigrams!

How to Play 📖

Are you new to emojigrams? Fear, not it's extremely simple to learn!

  1. 1. You're given a sentence with all of the letters replaced with emojis.
  2. 2. All of the characters are alphanumeric (numbers or letters) with no punctuation or case sensitive characters.
  3. 3. You need to figure out what each emoji represents. Each "|" symbol represents a new word.
  4. 4. Once you've figured out what each emoji represents, you can type it in the box besides the emoji. 🕵️
  5. 5. Struggling? You get 3 hints to use. But beware, there is a possibility that nothing will come of it.. 😈
  6. 6. Once you've figured out all of the emojis, you can enter the sentence and click the "Check Answer" button to see if you're correct!

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Tutorial video coming soon...

This game was originally created for the "Emoji" prompt for Replit Creates.
You can check out the original repl below.